Good Fortune Ring

This ring has found a forever home! But you can submit a custom request to see if another can be made for you. Kindly note that our pieces are one of a kind, so recreations will always be fraternal, but never identical twins with the original. We can however, promise that you will love yours just as much! :) 


The Portrait Cut stone is a gift of times passed. Internally flawless stones are cut to resemble a pane of glass, for laying over miniature paintings and keepsakes alike. The result is a precious portrait which can be worn and loved, every day. The Good Fortune ring features a hand carved swallow under a white sapphire and should be worn as a reminder that your love is safe, beautiful and precious. 

5.86 Carat, Custom-Cut, Lab-Grown, White Sapphire. Hand Engraved, 10K Yellow Gold.