JMJ Custom Box


1. Stone Selection 
Searching for the GEM of your dreams? This is always the first step in the exciting process. If you haven't already, check out the amazing and ever-changing diamond & sapphire inventory from Misfit Diamonds I have available for *custom purchases. I am also always happy to source something for you based on your vision and ideal budget. Keep in mind the cut, colour, carat weight and clarity all factor into the price of each stone. Sourcing can take anywhere from 1 week to a few months, depending on what you’re after, and a sourcing deposit of $300 may be required to get started.

*Please note that I do not sell loose gems. Any stones purchased from the website must go into a setting before shipping*
2. Design Stage
Inspiration can come from ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE! After our initial design consult (this can be done in person or online), I’ll typically whip up some drawings in my sketchbook to ensure we’re headed in the right direction together. 
3. Model Stage
Depending on the desired aesthetic result, the model will either be hand-carved in wax or digitally rendered and 3D printed in resin. Feel free to come check it out in person if you are local and if that isn’t possible, I will happily share images & videos for approval. 
4. Casting & Setting
I’ll cast your piece locally in the metal of your choice. From there, the piece is polished by hand and prepped for setting. Allowing a few weeks for the setter is always best to ensure your precious gems are secured properly. 
5. Final Details
I always take a few photographs of the finished piece to share and will include a complimentary appraisal for pieces priced over $1000. 


Book your consultation below, or visit our FAQ page for information on pricing, payment structures, timelines, and use of family jewels for custom pieces. 

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