This ring has found a forever home! But you can submit a custom request to see if another can be made for you. Kindly note that our pieces are one of a kind, so  recreations will always be fraternal, but never identical twins with the original. We can however, promise that you will love yours just as much! :) 



ancient sailors followed seabirds to land, food, and safety. over hundreds of years, the practice grew to ritual, and ritual grew to legend. the legend which promises safe passage for sailors who wear sparrows on their skin.

the sparrow ring is one of a kind and features a 1.77ct teal sapphire at its centre, with three diamonds on either side so that you may carry with you, the lessons of your past, the joy of your present, and the excitement of your future.

we created this one-of-a-kind ring with the magic of its namesake. wear it on all of your adventures, and bring with you the sparrow's promises of protection, hope, and joy.

1.77ct Teal Sapphire, diamonds, 14KY.