This ring has found a forever home! But you can submit a custom request to see if another can be made for you. Kindly note that our pieces are one of a kind, so  recreations will always be fraternal, but never identical twins with the original. We can however, promise that you will love yours just as much! :) 


B I C O A S T A L 🌟

sometimes, circumstances are challenging, forcing soulmates apart by hundreds of miles. planes, trains and automobiles become as commonplace, as underwear for those in long distance relationships. phone calls run late and visits are quick, but the love between them endures.

the bicoastal was created for the most tenacious in love. to celebrate the “walk 500 miles” effort that we make to be with our person. and as a reminder, to do it with a smile.

1.34ct Sapphire, diamonds, 14KY