Pleased to Meet You!

I am the founder of Maddin Jewellery, creating each unique piece of jewellery with love and by hand.  With a passion for the arts, from genuine interest and exposure to the industry, I took a leap from the Environmental Design program at OCAD to a reputable goldsmithing program at George Brown College. 


I was bitten by the jewellery bug in 2002 after moving into a gorgeous apartment above the enchanting Made You Look Jewellery Gallery & Studio in Parkdale, Toronto.  Working intimately with custom clients and creating with my hands to build an incredible body of work, has been a sublime and welcomed challenge for over a  decade - keeping me forever on my toes and constantly immersed in a slew of inspiring ideas.


I take pride in the strengths I have built and skills I have learned over the years, learning to lean on my incredible family and peers in the jewellery community when needed. As my daughters grow, I look forward to them witnessing first hand how my passion drives my business as an entrepreneur. I hope that it ignites their confidence and determination that will lead them down their own individual paths towards an equally gratifying experience. 


With hard work and dedication, anything is possible!

Jilian is the living definition of free-flowing-creative-whimsy. Some people are just born that way. Her complex understanding of space and colour, texture and composition are a benchmark and have become a constitution on the jewellery scene.  From there, we’ve watched her ride the thrilling waves of self-expression, as a way of life, for many years. She simply has no choice in the matter!

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